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AT&T Senior Android Developer tries to calm the Android Update Anger

I saw this video floating around yesterday and I thought I would post it as a Rant. I don’t do rants very well but this has been a gnawing issue for AT&T for WAY longer than the Android platform which they continue to SUCK at updating. In the video Senior Project Manager Dante Martin tried to push the blame around by saying Google updates the code and sends it to Device Manufacturers to look at it and add “bits” to it. I don’t understand why he is using Motorola as an example when discussing the ineptness AT&T has shown solely with Android. The ATRIX 4G is the first Motorola device packing Android 2.2 Froyo offered by the Death Star. Maybe you should Address Dell (cough the STREAK!), Samsung, which is supposed to be here today, and HTC.

Dante first addresses the Aria Android update and says that he has an HTC Aria in his pocket running Froyo. That’s great Dante, the rest of us too but it is only with the XDA crowd that we finally get to have the latest software. Regarding the Dell Streak, I hate to even mention this as this is clearly the most embarrassing update process AT&T has even stumbled on. Dell releasing the Streak (5 inch) with Android 1.6 which was bad enough, but they have been shipping unlocked devices for months with Froyo on it! I have Dell unlocked Streak and it got OTA update on DECEMBER 2nd!

Don’t believe me? Check it out here:

So where is the update AT&T?

AS for the AT&T Captivate, I am not even going there. It think it is obvious at this point and no reason to beat a dead horse. I truly hope AT&T takes these blog articles seriously someday. There is simply no excuse for the lack of product updates and the slowness they deliver them. I find it odd that after years of using XDA Cooked ROMS that they are always available within days of the developers getting their hands on the packages and they always run better.

All I can say is that AT&T should be donating heavily to folks developing Cooked ROMS and rooting the Android devices, if it wasn’t for them, I can’t imaging how bad sales would be. Wake up AT&T!