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Dell to upgrade the Streak within “Weeks” to Froyo

Dell Streak owners get ready for some Android 2.2 goodness coming within “weeks” according to Dell’s Steve Felice, president of the Global Consumer, Small and Medium Business division. "We wanted to get the product to market, we weren’t ready for 2.2, so we went ahead," Felice said. "Maybe we should have waited. But we’re getting caught up now."  I am not sure waiting would have been the best idea either, but rolling it out with Android 2.1 would have made a lot of the Media Nay Sayers quite a bit happier. Seriously, Android  1.6 on a device like this?

The Android 2.2 update for the dell Streak will also come with a new user interface called “Stage”. Stage will allow users to view content easier by being able to scroll through content sideways.

Okay, that does it. I gotta’ get one of these.