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OtterBox Defender for Droid RAZR released [video]

I got a hands on with the Droid RAZR a few days ago and I was pretty impressed. The pictures of the RAZR did not do it justice and in person, it is amazingly thin. The Kevlar back panel is equally impressive. Like device however, it needs to be protected because just like any other high end device, it pretty damn expensive to replace if you drop it or some other sort of impact happens. So if you have the Droid RAZR and want some added insurance that not only looks great, but will protect your two year investment in most cases, check out the OtterBox Defender. Even with it’s polycarbonate inner shell and silicone overlay, the Defender does not stray too far from the original design of the RAZR and compliments it’s sleek figure.

Something else of interest is OtterBox stepping up their marketing and releasing a Verizon/Android inspired  video that is pretty cool. Check out the video below for more information and then head on over to OtterBox to purchase your own Defender case for the RAZR for  $49.95 or the Commuter for $34.95.