There is no question Dell hit a solid triple with their 8-inch Venue 8 Pro Windows 8 mini-tablet. A great value at $299 indeed. No device is without its quirks and the Venue 8 Pro is no exception. A number of users have reported a WiFi issue where it goes to sleep and doesn’t want to wake backup preventing users from getting online.

One of our writers, DavidK, has experienced the issue firsthand with his device. Ao no you are not alone and there is already contact and forums created to address the issue. You can find one such forum here:

DavidK has had some success by reverting back in time on his device. Drop us a comment and let us know if you’ve encountered the bug.


  1. I had a different issue yesterday with DV8P. It was not restarting or shutdown. I got confused for a while. The battery was at 10%. I left it like that for a while, battery stuck at 10% and the system didn’t respond properly. Had hit the power button so many times, and when the screen to drag it to shutdown came, I pulled it, but no use. It straightaway goes back to login screen. I charged it for good 2 hours, normally it would’ve charged completely by then. But here no. I thought i’ve had a lemon. I searched internet and no use. Finally I tried pressing power button and Windows button together and that did it.

    • I hope your issue gets worked out too and soon. Hopefully the data is getting sent back to Dell and they are already working on a permanent solution.

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