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NYPD testing Surfaces with Microsoft’s Domain Awareness program

imageMicrosoft has been developing the Domain Awareness application for the NYPD for some time. It’s incredible on its own and compiles information to make it far more useful to officers. In fact, it’s been in use and the NYPD has been talking about the practical effects of it:

For example, officers used the system during a deadly shooting outside the Empire State Building in August [2012]. Dozens of 911 calls were coming in, and it initially looked like an attack staged by several gunmen. But officers mapped the information and pulled up cameras within 500 feet of the reported shots to determine there was only one shooter.

Well now they’re taking the show on the road and the NYPD is field testing this system with cops on the beat and that involves issuing Surfaces loaded with the app. These Surfaces are presumably LTE enabled versions running in kiosk mode.  This is a pilot program so they can evaluate the best use for the system but it’s nice to see Microsoft opening up new markets and actually using their ecosystem.

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