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Dell Venue Pro Delayed Again…Sometime in 2011


It has been a long and arduous journey for those of us waiting for the Venue Pro.  The release of this phone has been pushed back so many times I’ve lost count already.  I ordered this puppy on Dec 1(when it finally went live online).  I would’ve drove to a MS store to pick one up but the nearest one is like a 10 hour drive away.  Then when I finally got to place my order, I thought “hey, at least I’ll get it before Christmas”.  My estimated delivery date was Dec. 15.  I just checked my order today to see if it had shipped yet, and I now have an “updated” delivery estimate of Jan 6.  2011?!?! Are you fucking serious???  It’s not the fact that the phone has been delayed that pisses me off, but that it’s again and again.  Every time I get my hopes up that it’s coming, Dell spits in my face.  Why couldn’t they just say Jan 2011 from the beginning???  I’m hanging in there because I really love the design of the phone.  Hell, I even have the Otterbox case for it.  Just waiting for the phone so I can do a review of it(which I was looking forward to doing this week).  But if Dell decides to delay my phone 1 more time, I swear I’m going to cancel my order, buy an HD7 or Focus and burn this Otterbox case!  I’ll even video tape myself burning the Venue Pro case(sorry, Otterbox, nothing against you I love your cases, you’re just collateral damage) with the replacement phone just to give one extra “FUCK YOU” to Dell!  Are you listening Dell??? Give me my phone!!! You designed a great device, but you are seriously losing your entire consumer base here with poor business practices.