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Dell’s secret to 8″ victory: Microsoft’s investment

WPCentral did a poll asking readers what 8″ Windows tablet they were looking to buy. If you exclude unannounced products then the Dell Venue Pro 8 took it by a mile with over 80% of the votes. I have one. It’s good. But hold it next to the other Windows 8 tablets and the specs are nearly  identical. The button placement is horrible though but it has an active stylus available. What’s the real difference? Price and publicity coming from Microsoft selling it on the cheap. In fact I bought mine when it dropped in price.

Any reason for the price differential given the specs are the same as the others in the category? Maybe a $2b investment from Microsoft to Dell has something to do with it? This is the same way Nokia started, with assistance and then a tightening of interests. I’m guessing this continues until the next anti-trust suit against Microsoft.

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