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Dells Slams RIM and Gives Windows Phone a Pat on the Ass

Dell woke up today. They realized that they can’t genuinely try to made inroads in the mobile industry while using a competitors products, so they are dropping RIM and will be offering it’s 25,000 employees Dell Venue Pros running Windows Phone 7. They’ll also offer Android phones in the future. This seems like a simple enough business decisions to make but Dell is making a point here. They’re reducing their costs by 25% by no longer needing to have dedicated BES servers for their Blackberry’s. It’s not only evidence that they can save money, it’s a case study for other large corporations that are carrying and maintaining multiple servers. This could help Microsoft, not just by boosting Exchange servers but obviously by showing that Windows Phones can be used in a corporate environment.

Dell’s move is similar to MS’s recent decision to give all employees Windows phones. You can’t know the ins and outs of your products unless they are the products you use yourself. This should make Dell more competitive, give Windows Phone a short term boost and further push RIM to step up their game before they lose their footing in the business sector. Ebay is going to be happy too as 25,000 Blackberry’s hit their shelves…

You can read the entire Wall Street Journal article here.

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