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Delta First Major Airline With Gate to Gate Gadget Use

Yesterday we finally got word that the FAA eased their restrictions on gadget use on airline flights. Prior to the new guidelines we were only able to use our gadgets above 10k ft. Now we will be able to use out gadgets except laptops because of their size and potential safety hazard if the the flight gets bumpy. Tablets and cell phones in airplane mode will now be legal.

Breaking News: FAA Finally Allows Expanded Use Of Gadgets On Planes

So just day after the FAA changes we have the first major airline Delta allowing their passengers gate to gate use of their gadgets. I would have never guessed Delta would have been the first as uptight as their flight crew always seem to be. I would have thought Southwest would have been first. JetBlue has also been confirmed as well. @cnet has been keeping up with the major airlines and it looks like American Airlines will be next.
Great news indeed for the business class to keep busy and ease the burden of catching up on reports and emails when waiting to taxi and reach 10K feet.
We will keep you posted with more airlines adapting the new FAA guidelines into their flight policies.


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