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Detroit Free Press on Windows Phone

One of our writers who lives in Michigan just grabbed a copy of the Detroit Free Press and forwarded me a nice write up by Mark Smith titled: “Microsoft hits refresh on smartphones”. The article is well written as any professional writer should and is a very balanced look at the very soon to be released Windows Phone lineup of devices  that hits this Monday, November 8h. With your choice of three handsets from two Carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile, there will be plenty of buzz, and a lot of eyes watching to see the impact of how it fairs against the likes of Apple’s iPhone, also on AT&T’s network, and the Android phones. The Android phones, which are sold through all of the major carriers, gives the consumer a lot of choices. Arguably, Verizon has done the best job with the Motorola Brand devices selling like hot cakes.

Mark shares his experience with the HTC Surround that will launch at AT&T next Monday and I think he sums up how Windows Phone will fair in this “crowded marketplace dominated by Apple and a surging Google, which both have amassed millions of users.” Mark says:

“Microsoft’s consumer technology stumbles are numerous and well-documented, But there’s no discounting that magic that comes with an entirely fresh smartphone experience — something we haven’t seen since the iPhone’s release more than three years ago. We have that again in Windows Phone 7.”