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DevCamp Winning App “DressBox” Available for Windows Phones

At a recent Microsoft Dev Camp a new app called DressBox was previewed and ultimately declared the winner.

The winner, DressBox, blew the judges away with its gorgeous interface. The app allows you to photograph pieces of clothes and try them on virtually, using an avatar of yourself. You can then send different clothing items to friends and share them via social media. While this idea has been discussed and implemented by some others, including e-closet in Jordan, the app’s strength was that trying on the clothes looked useful on its resizable interface.

As investors hovered, DressBox’s team of developers pledged to actually develop the app into a competitive product.

Well DressBox is now available for free for Windows Phones.

DressBox, your virtual closet app! Winner of Microsoft DevCamp Beirut 2011 With DressBox you can try out clothes without having to wear them! The first step is taking a picture of yourself, head to toes. Once this is done, you can start filling out your closet with different items. Take a picture of a piece of clothing, then crop it using your finger and the brush and then save it. Then you can enter your dressing room to try out clothes: click on them once inside the closet, then drag and drop, resize, and rotate as you wish. You can try out more than one item at a time, but only one type at a time. Don’t forget to save your picture and share it with your friends!! Especially if you need fashion tips 😉

Wish they had better screenshots but sounds like they’ve taken the time to put together a solid app so tell us your thoughts if you try it out.