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Developers: SyncFusion’s Metro Studio 1 is Free with 600 Metro style Icons

SyncFusion announced that they are giving away SyncFusion Metro Studio 1 worth $499 for free. Metro Studio 1 allows you to create Icons for Metro apps (Windows Phone, and Windows 8), SyncFusion claims you also could use these icons across all other .NET applications including ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF etc. It comes with 600 Metro style icons and those can be customized with the Metro Studio 1 Application. The icons are categorized, and that makes it easy whenever you are looking for an icon that suits your application needs. SyncFusion also develops components for .NET family of applications not limited to ASP.NET, Windows, Windows Phone 7, Silverlight etc.

The icons come as XAML sources (Vector based) and you could save them as PNG’s or alter the XAML to your choice. The good thing is the Studio is totally free, and all in return SyncFusion is asking you to spread the word on Twitter, FaceBook and G+. The icons are royalty free and can be used in the commercial applications. Also you could request for new icons from SyncFusion through their support system.

You can download the Metro Studio 1 from here.

Source: SyncFusion