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Devs Can Finally Link Their Apps To Marketplace

See that logo? Expect to start seeing a lot more of it. There’s been a real nuisance to devs for a while. In Marketplace an apps url is not fixed. As an app gets updated the url updates as well. The result is that a developer cannot provide a link to the app (because it may lead to a dead page) so instead they provided a link to the search results for the name of their app…not so pretty. Well MS has now provided a way for devs to deeplink an applications detail page on Marketplace.

Deeplinking to the client is even more powerful because you can embed the link within an app.  When a user clicks on a client deeplink it will open the marketplace client directly to the details page of the linked application, giving you a great way to help users try new products, or to convert free trial downloads into paid transactions.

Another great thing is that your deeplinks will always point to the latest published version of the linked apps, within your user’s home market. So, you won’t need to go back and change your deeplinks every time you publish an update.  Deeplinks are currently limited to applications within the user’s market; however we expect to roll-out cross-market deeplinking in the near future

It’s actually a very easy process to set this up so devs, go ahead and test it out. Oh, and no, you don’t need to use their logo but at least they are trying to provide some consistency…The details are located here.