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Dialing For No Dollars

Like just about everyone I know who has a Fuze, I find the two installed dialers pretty inadequate. Mostly, they are just two small even for my medium-sized hands. So I searched xda-developers and came across iDialer from Supbro. Yes, it is a ripoff from the iPhones, but you have got to admit that, even though we would never own one, it does have some nice features. iDialer includes a large keypad, the ability to adjust the keytouch “beep” volume using a registry editor, use touch vibration, and speed dial. Note that this app is just a skin, so as soon as you place a call, it reverts back to one of the stock phone interfaces. This might be a nice alternative to the Tachi Phone Canvas discussed below.

Supbro also offers a simple app called GreenButton that  works with iDialer to allow it to become your default phone skin. When you press the green phone key, the iDialer appears.

I’m sure there are other alternatives, so feel free to share them.