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Port The Topaz Phone Canvas to VGA-Collect A Bounty!

Are you a developer who is looking for a great way to give back to the community and make a few bucks at the same time? If you are then dharvey4651 over at XDA-Developers has just placed a bounty on the first person who can produce a tested and working version of the Topaz’s Phone Canvas to VGA. Check out the Topaz’s Phone Canvas goodness:

topaz1 topaz2 topaz3

As you can tell from the screen shots, the Topaz Phone Dialer pictured is in the incredible WVGA, and not VGA that our Fuze/Touch Pro and Diamond for example can make use of. So if you have some skill, dharvery4651 has the Topaz OEM for the Phone Canvas ready for any would be challengers for the bounty. So how much is the bounty up to? Try $205 dollars:

xmoxmod – $80.00 USD
dharvey4651(me) – $25.00 USD
NRGZ28 – $50.00 USD
norkoastal – $10.00 USD
aaronsmckee – $15.00 USD ($30.00 USD if conference call function works)
caldito – $25.00 USD


There is some pretty high power developers on that list, so it looks like this will get some traction. To sweeten the pot for the winning developer, Fuze Mobility will also donate $25.00. That brings the Bounty to $230.00

If you have a few dollars and like the Topaz’s Phone Canvas, head on over to XDA Developers and make a pledge to get the developers excited to port this excellent looking phone canvas over for us!

Click here to head on over to XDA