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Dialing Phone Numbers With Extensions

Bryan B has the badge ‘Forum Guru’ in our forums for good reason. While assisting the community at large on a daily basis, he’s been provided a wealth of knowledge. His latest tip is a real time saver. The question raised was how to add an extension into a phone number so your phone will dial it and you won’t need to manually dial it when connected. Bryan B’s answer was to add a comma into the phone number and each comma represents a one second delay. So dialing 555-123-4567,,999 will dial the number, wait two seconds (for the recipients phone system to pickup) and then dial the extension. I tested it out and it works as advertised. The one oddity is if you type in the number this way directly into the dialer it did not work for me but as a saved contact it was spot on. This is very helpful. Of course, you can use this for codes as well (like calling cards or other passcodes needed).

Thanks again to the super guru Bryan B!:)

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