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Good Blood! for iOS is All About the Blood!

Here’s a game like I’ve never seen before called Good Blood! It’s all about blood, imagine that right? The game is a real-time 3D type that allows you to learn all about your circulatory system. It’s a game but it’s also a learning experience.


Good Blood! is now on the App Store available! The Serious Game provides action-packed real-time 3D gaming and combines this didactically via learning about human blood. The player moves with the flowing blood in the bloodstream. You have to diferentiate between the blood cells to fght viruses and bacteria, to destroy blood clots and to simulate other incidents that occur in the blood. You learn everything that happens in a blood vessel hands-on and also with which defense mechanisms the immune system combats illnesses and heals wounds.

The real-time 3D technology ofers the ideal possibility to make the complex world of the inner body visually accessible and consequently allows for a unique user experience by actually plunging into this unknown dimension. The appealing graphics, the visual and acoustic efects support the action packed plot and allow for even more game enjoyment. The border between action games and knowledge development becomes a blur and guarantees that Good Blood is equally appealing to casual gamers and to those with a thirst for knowledge alike – edutainment for everyone!


Are you courageous enough to combat deadly viruses to make a full recovery? Do you have strong nerves in this serious game to act under time pressure and reach the goal?

Then this is the game for you! Go for Good Blood!


Good Blood! was developed by frukti GbR and can be officially downloaded from October 17th, 2011 for just 99cents in the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod



Watch the ofcial game trailer on YouTube: