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Diamond 2 Manual Is Available

If you’re into reading manuals then I have a great one for you…one you probably haven’t seen yet:) It’s the manual for the Diamond 2 and you can download it from HTC here. Why do you even care about it? Well it has a great walk through for the new version of TouchFlo 3D (most of us know it pretty well already but it’s still nice to see) and there are a few new things I’ve learned. Like the camera comes with ISO settings so you can manually adjust that (someone needs to port this:)) You also get a good sense as to how far they have gone with finger gestures and you can see a lot more integration here and you get to find out what all of the different LED indications mean. All in all if you’ve ported the TP2 version of TF3D then a lot of this is familiar to you but it’s still a good guide to look through and get you hungry for some US bandwidths.

Good find andyturner.