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Tmobile Service Outage Credit

Tmobile was experiencing service outages last night. At around 7pm EST my phone lost service, I could not get a signal. Thinking it was a problem with my phone I did a few soft resets and finally got signal back but I still could not get send a text messages. I could call out but I could not receive calls and sometimes I could not do either. The service was really intermittent so I called Tmobile and they said they are having some problems and they are aware of it. Also the rep offered me a credit of $5 for the one hour that the service was out or I can wait till the service comes back for the to calculate how long the service was out and credit me accordingly. He said I should see the adjustment in my next bill. So if you do not see a credit in your next bill and you were effected by the service outage make sure to call Tmobile.

Wallstreet journal reports that,

The outage began at 5:30 p.m. EST on Tuesday, and at around 1:30 a.m. EST on Wednesday morning, the carrier confirmed that service had been restored.

Hope this is not a continuing trend with Tmobile as they recently experienced a data service outage with their sidekicks for a week or so I think and now they lost all their services for a few hours.

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