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Diamond 2 Release Imminent

Websites are starting to float release dates for the Diamond 2 with the latest being April 15 and the earliest being April 8! Why am I excited? Well just like with the Fuze the rest of the world had a chance to play with their Diamonds and Touch Pro’s in advance and that led to a lot of software being available before the Fuze was even released. We even had an entire posting with applications to download in preparation of the release of the Fuze. And the more people that are using this line of phones I think the better for all of us. Since the Diamond 2 is missing a dpad entirely I’m hopeful that a useful gsen dpad or onscreen virtual dpad that it without kinks is just around the corner (and before we get our phones in hand in America). More games, more gsen apps, more software in general…all a good thing.

If you are in America and you want to buy this now just remember that it will not have American 3G bandwidths.