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Didiom Revisited

Didiom I just received an email that Didom has undergone some updates. It was then that I realized that aside from a brief mention when going through the iPhone ‘app for that’ commercials we haven’t really discussed Didiom. Put simply, Didiom is an application that lets you access your PC’s music library and stream that music to your phone so anywhere you go you have access to your entire library, so the size of your storage card becomes irrelevant. On top of that, Didiom gives you the ability to buy music over the air and in a nice twist you get to propose the price and if accepted that’s all you pay. Single tracks tend to range around $.89 with albums at $9.99. And all of this music is DRM free (so you can move it to your PC, Zune, etc.) and they currently have a library of over 1.5m songs available for sale. There are no membership fees for this either.  But getting back to the main purpose, I have used this in the past to access my music library on the go and I love it. You can stream songs, playlists and podcasts this way. The album art comes through and I found song quality very high (probably a little higher than radio quality). The interface itself is very slick and intuitive. Of course, you need an unlimited data plan for this and obviously the better your connection the better the experience you will have. And keeping a constant data stream going to your phone will take a hit on battery life so keep that in mind if you’re starting a long day on the road. Oh and if you’re streaming off of your PC you need to keep it on when you leave the house. If you want to give it a go just head over to and start downloading.