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Fuze Versus Pure

It’s always hard to tell from photos the actual size of a product unless it’s in relation to something else, so let’s put the Pure next to our good friend the Fuze. What you see is that the footprints are pretty similar except there’s a lot more screen on the Pure (at the obvious expense of a dpad) and the Pure is a lot thinner. The width is nearly identical (53 mm for the Pure versus 51 mm for the Fuze on the spec sheets) so we’ll have to see how that translates in terms of typing without a physical keyboard.


And while we’re at it, here are the box contents: Pure with stylus, lithium ion battery, AC charger, mini-USB sync cable, spare stylus, 3.5 mm audio adapter and Quickstart and CD.



Again, from all indications you can pick this up on Sunday October 4th – yes before Super Tuesday. Every store seems to be saying that is the ‘official’ release date. Of course, the fact that AT&T won’t make it official (while other phones get official dates weeks in advance) goes to the heart of what they think about Windows phones.