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Disable Android Lock Screen with No Lock

Let’s be honest: Lock and slide to unlock screens aren’t for everyone. Or they are for people when they’re on the move with the phone bouncing around in their pocket but not when they’re at work or on a long train ride or home, a category into which I fall. Android doesn’t seem to have a lock screen toggler anywhere — except on the market and it’s called No Lock, free, brought to you by some Frenchman. Install it and when you hit it in the menu you can toggle the locking. Or you can create a widget on your home screen to toggle it with greater convenience.

Not the fanciest app I’ve encountered but certainly a handy one. On your Android phone right now? Right on bro, here’s the market link. The developer’s got some other software of intrigue you should see so hit View more applications on the market listing of No Lock (or click this) to see what else he cooked up, including a logcat live wallpaper and a terrorism threat level widget. Mind blown.

Doug Simmons