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Disney Infinity: You should have seen this coming

I’ve said this before: in business, if Company A is wildly successful, Companies B, C, and D will copy what A is doing.

Do your kids like Skylanders, Activision’s multi-platform figure video game? Look out, here comes Disney Infinity.

Just like Skylanders, Disney Infinity will consist of a docking station and collectible figurines, representing various Disney characters. Once you dock a figurine and start up the game, you play as that character. So far, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Monsters Inc. characters show up in the trailers, but there is a still that shows characters from more franchises. (Jack Skellington? Oh, Disney, how you know how to open our wallets!)

The home page has a counter, counting down to midnight, June 1 (PDT), so I’m pretty sure I can assume that’s the release date. You can sign up for news as well, and pre-orders are “coming soon.”

There is no pricing I could find on the site, but USA Today reports that the Starter Pack (game + figures. There is no stated number is figures, but if they want to compete with Skylanders, it should be 3) will retail at $74.99, figures at $12.99-$29.99, and Play Set Packs (2 or 3 figures?) at $34.99. This is comparable to slightly more than Activision’s retail prices.

Disney Infinity will be available for PC, PS3, Xbox360, Wii and Wii U.

I have resisted Skylanders so far (well, I really can’t afford it), but this will probably be a temptation. Maybe for Christmas 2013.