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WP7 is Microsoft’s Union Station


Every 7 seconds a Windows 7 license is sold.  23 Million Paid Subscribers to Xbox Live.  96% of Netbooks sold today have Windows as their OS.  73% of the Enterprise Server Market share.  360 Million Hotmail users (Gmail has 173 by comparison).  299 Million Live Messenger IM users (more than Skype and AOL).  Take a moment and let these figures set in……………has it hit you yet?  Microsoft is still the Undisputed King of the Tech Jungle!

In the last month Microsoft has merged and simplified a lot of their fractured services and more synergy is coming in the coming months.  Just in time for Windows Phone 7’s launch.  Why is WP7 Microsoft’s Union Station?  It is the place where everything converges.  WP7 can direct you to and from all these services.  Just be sure to get your Live ID,err I mean train ticket. No freeloaders allowed.

  • SkyDrive
  • Office Live Web Apps
  • Office Mobile 2010
  • Zune
  • Xbox Live
  • Live Messenger
  • Bing
  • etc.

These are just some of the services being woven into the fabric of WP7.  For the first time since anyone can remember Microsoft’s many branches are paying attention and working in synergy with each other.  That should be a frightening thought for everyone, and I do mean everyone, who is in the Smartphone market today.

SkyDrive: In case anyone didn’t notice SkyDrive comes with a whopping 25GB of online storage space that apparently can be used automatically to back up files, photos, and video.  Take a picture and its automatically up in the cloud!  Combine that with MyPhone for backing up text messages and contacts and your information is at hand no matter where you are.

Office Live Web Apps: Allows people to work on documents and share with colleagues.  Always having access to the information and documents you need.  A mobile office basically.

Office Mobile 2010: Quickly comment or edit office docs and share with people using SharePoint server or email.  Integrated with the calendar in WP7 to quickly and efficiently identify any scheduling conflicts.  Office Mobile is the standard for office docs despite continued emergence of supposed comparable alternatives. (Built in Ecosystem)

Zune: A great and visually pleasing music and video software.  A definite step up from the horrible Windows Media Player that to me was an anchor around Windows Mobile’s neck.  Special feature being the Zune Pass which gives you the chance to have unlimited streaming music for a modest price.

Xbox Live: Full on player and gamer achievements.  Turn by Turn gaming with friends and even can invite those on social networks to join in.  Microsoft is creating a mobile division of their Gaming Studio to ensure great titles for the platform.  Remember all Xbox 360 programmers are now able to use their skills in creating WP7 games.  Oh and can you imagine if and when Microsoft finds a way to integrate Kinect with WP7 say for shared gaming or video chat.  Microsoft really should be giving Apple a high five for introducing the gyroscope.  The second wave of WP7 devices should be ready to play nice with Kinect so the interactive gaming experience will be that much better.  What’s that saying about building on the shoulders of giants?  Even if you don’t game at all you have to admit that this is a killer feature for those that do!  Did I mention 23 million paying Xbox Live subscribers. (Built in Ecosystem)

Live Messenger: Who the heck needs Skype and their high and mighty attitude.  I guess they didn’t get the memo that Microsoft was circling the wagons and going ALL IN with WP7.  That means that sooner rather than later video chat will be a feature in Live Messenger.  Remember there are 299 registered users of Live Messenger.  (Built in Ecosystem)

Bing: Bing is slowly but surely gaining market and just as importantly mindshare.  Microsoft has made a concerted effort to consistently introduce new features to the point they are giving Google a run for their money as a search engine.  Breakthroughs seen in the form of being added as a search option on the iPhone and Macs.  That means even iPhone users are being conditioned to use Bing.  Its ability to search and provide locally relevant results plus the newly introduced music store integration just makes it that much more of a complete offering.

With news of SkyDrive and the ability to having your photos automatically uploaded to the cloud you start to see the possibilities.  Remember that it was already stated that in time features (cough, Kin Studio) of the Kin would merge with Windows Phone 7.  The future is now and Microsoft has focused its sights on WP7.  It will serve as the gateway to all their other services.  Remember they are the company that started championing Three Screens and a Cloud.

Everything points to Microsoft delivering an excellent product.  Will it be feature complete at launch? Certainly not but seeing how they’ve even been able to have synergy between all the different branches do you really want to bet against them slicing a path to the top?  I don’t, in fact I’m feeling rather good about their chances.  But that’s just me.  If you’re think i’m just a lone fanboy who has let illusions of grandeur go to his head then read this opinion from another blogger who happens to be an avid iPhone user: Click Here!