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Divert Your Gaze: Farts Vs Zombies Available for Windows Phones and It’s Worth Taking a Look At

Last time we discussed Plunge Interacting it was their slick game Kubik Adventures but they’re back with a vengeance with Farts vs Zombies which is a tower defense style game featuring…farts and zombies, right.  But they actually took the genre seriously even if they did it in a comical way. Just check out this trailer if you have any doubts:

Here’s the official description:

Colonel John Farter is an American officer who spent seven years in a North Vietnamese POW camp, then escaped. He just recently came back, and discover his town full of zombies and his only weapon is his ass. He meets up with his old friend Banana Max and together, they will launch a mission to free the town from The Evil Unicorn and his army of zombies. In Farts VS Zombies you have to kill zombies with farts, you draw with the finger the path of the farts and direct them to their faces. The game goal is to protect the Japanese schoolgirls from the attack of the zombies as much time as possible. In fact, zombies hate farts, it’s the only thing that can kill them, well… not the only one really. But the game is more than that, you can do Fart Combos, use funny Special Attacks and items.

▶ FARTS of different colors

▶ VOMIT tilting you phone to DESTROY all the Zombies

▶ Special meals with SPECIAL ATTACKS: Bomb Fart, Electric Fart, Double Fart. EAT them All!

▶ ITEMS: money, diamonds, bananas,…

▶ BANANA MAX: call you friend to help you for a while

▶ Many different ZOMBIES with special movements

▶ Story Mode and Survival Mode (endless mode)

▶ Final Bosses: THE EVIL UNICORN

▶ Bonus Stages!

Farts VS Zombies puts together many different elements and mixes them into a crude, vulgar, absurd but also a really fun, entertaining game. You will laugh like crazy!

You can check it out here for $1.29 but yes, there is a free trial.

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