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Do More Phone Stuff On Your PC

winmowifirouteraccess smsGot a nice lil’ piece of software to tell you about. It’s called WIFI Remote Access by France’s very own Julien Manici and it is très badass. Basically it’s like ActiveSync minus ActiveSync plus wifi, plus rich file management (including the ability to play your music on your computer streamed from the phone — multiple computers simultaneously, actually), a well designed text messaging interface so you can happily text from your computer (it does list your contacts) without having to buy anything, a VNC/MyMobiler-like view of your phone’s screen that you can interact with and, the cherry on top, a registry editor. Wait I got one more cherry, a 3D image gallery of your phone’s pictures over wifi.

You don’t need to install any software on your computer either, this is all done through a web server the software installs on your phone to which you can connect with any web browser (though to listen to the music and get a 3D gallery interface you need IE, sigh) that’s on the same local network your phone is connected to over wifi. Multiple browsers can simultaneously connect to it apparently. I don’t know why you’d want to do this but you could set up port forwarding on your router to point to port 80 on your phone’s IP, leave your phone at home and do all this fancy stuff from somewhere else.

It’s not the first web server-based portal for your phone that we’ve seen but it provides alternative functionality. That’s about all the justice I can do it but it’s not enough justice so check the author’s XDA thread for more information and screen shots or go straight to his website to download it.

Doug Simmons