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Do You Need a Magic 8 Ball App? Definitely Yes

I asked the magic 8 ball if everyone needed to download it and you can see its answer:)  From HermanM, who also brought us Shake & Win, we now have the magic 8 ball. This is exactly what it sounds like – a gsen magic 8 ball. Ask it a question, give it a good shake and get the answer. And magic 8 balls don’t lie:) So you can stop going to your fancy tarot card reader – everything you need is in the palm of your hand:) Also, the triangle randomly orients itself to simulate the real thing…pretty neat.

The download is available from XDA here (or here– same thing). Good work HermanM and of course, if you appreciate his work (and remember all the money you’ll save from the palm reader) then don’t forget to give him a tip for his hard work:)