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Rubik’s Race Comes to iOS

No it’s not a free game for you, it costs $1.99. Rubrick’s Race is kind of a sequel to the Rubrick’s Cube app, but this one is a sliding puzzle game. Yeah we’ve seen many of them, but this one is done by someone who knows how to do puzzles I think, so it might be decent. I never understood the whole Rubrick’s Cube phenomenon, yes I had one or two or three, but still I never really played with them. I liked to take them apart and put them back together!

Puzzle fans can now play the addictive Rubik’s Race game on the move with Rubik’s new app for iPhone & iPad, making the latest Rubik’s craze instantly accessible for gaming fun. Available in the Apple app store, the Rubik’s Race app features fast-paced, sliding puzzle-based game play as users try to match patterns and beat the clock, whilst unlocking perks and dodging the pitfalls.

The popular Rubik’s Race game on which the app is based takes the simple concept of a sliding tile puzzle and turns it into a fast-paced game for one or two players that gets brains and fingers racing.

The app’s Arcade mode is a level-based version of the game where you pit your wits against the clock, with perks and pitfalls adding to the excitement. Complete increasingly more complex patterns as the levels progress and when the timer runs out, you’re out!

The Time Attack option uses the basic game where you create a nine-tile pattern of the app’s choice as quickly as possible. To get interactive, you can compete against the times of others as well as your own best scores using Games Centre leader boards.

As with the original Rubik’s Race, Play & Pass mode allows you to compete against friends on the same device to see who really is the best Racer out of your friends.
Rubik’s Race is available via the app store for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch for £1.49/$1.99.