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Do You XDA?

I used to check XDA more than I checked the news. It was an obsession. Lately I’ve definitely been going less often and to check if it was me or everyone I checked their Alexa ranking and noticed that they’re actually on the rise. Here’s my deal: Windows Mobile is at the end of its life so there’s less development for it. Also, with a 1ghz chip and Sense there’s less tweaking involved anyway so I’m not crying over the performance of my HD2 so having another tip calculator or whatnot isn’t such a big deal as it was when I was trying to get a 500mhz chip to perform like a Snapdragon.

Well XDA started off as a WM forum and opened up to Android and if I had to bet, it’s the Android community that’s driving the rise in XDA. Makes sense as there’s a relatively new platform and it’s open to tweaking so that’s the place to go to. And as more people go Android, there’s more demand for things like unlocking that XDA is known for.

Anyway, enough of me and enough speculation. Do you visit XDA routinely? More or less than the past? And note your platform if it’s correlated .