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dockBoss Audio Input Adapter for Apple Docks Rocks

My wife has been happy with the Motorola Atrix that I bought her after trying out an iPhone (I am no fan of Apple). Her only complaint has been that she can’t use her phone to play music or listen to Pandora through our (okay, I admit it) iPod docking music system. As the Chief Technology Officer of our family, the pressure was on to find a solution for my bride of more than eight years (“A happy wife is a happy life!”).

I searched all around and kept hearing the same thing: Android to iWhatever adapters don’t exist because they are illegal; Apple won’t license their proprietary connector.

Then I came across the CableJive dockBoss. It is so simple as to be unbelievable. But, for under $30 and my wife’s eternal gratitude, I had to take my shot.

Well, there is, as I say to my kids, joy in Whoville. The dockBoss arrived today and I just tested it. And it works! It’s as simple as the photo to the right indicates: slide the female end onto the iWhatever connector and the male end (sorry for the dirty talk) into your Android device (and I assume any other music player) and listen to the sweet music of AC/DC (or what have you) flow forth.

My only problem is that I have to wait till Christmas to give it to her. But I can already hear the angels singing when she opens it.

Hallejulah!! Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night…