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docMe: Snap An Image and Covert it To Text+ (WP7)

docMe let’s you snap a photo and convert your image to PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, HTML and text. When you snap the photo you can check a box that let’s you choose which formats you want it to convert it to. It actually does not do the conversion on the device side – it sends it to their servers and then kicks it back to you. The upload time varies based on your connection – it’s probably 30-45 seconds for a round trip on 3G. I took a picture of a page from a book and it was 100% accurate though. It highlights the words that it doubts so you can scan those quicker. That’s neat but sometimes annoying because then you need to manually undo those to clean up the doc. The user reviews seem to confirm that in good light it’s spot on. With lower quality pictures obviously the text recognition decreases. Anyway, it’s a nice app to have since it fills a lot of niches, whether you want to capture something in Word to borrow clauses from or snap an image as a pdf so you can circulate it in a standard format.

It’s $3 to own or there’s a free trial that lets you try it three times but only converts to a .txt file. its available in Marketplace now.