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Does the AT&T exclusivity hurt the Lumia 920?

A good few people rejoiced this morning when AT&T announced the Lumia 920, and quickly after, a few less people rejoiced after reading the “exclusive” bit in the press release. AT&T managed to snatch up another exclusive for themselves, does the AT&T exclusivity hurt the Lumia 920’s chances of making a splash in the market?

It most certainly could. This device has been marveled at time and time again by many, not only is it viewed as the best Windows Phone device around, but it also has the potential to be the best smartphone on the market. When you tie the hands of the consumer by only making it available to one carrier, things get hairy.

Is this an entirely bad thing? For the first time, I can see Nokia adopting the Microsoft culture clear as day. You’ve got to understand why and how Microsoft are who they are. They have built and continue to foster a Plethora of strong partnerships. Strong partnerships have less to do with money and market share and more to do with loyalty. I think this is a good trait of Microsoft for Nokia to adopt.

The argument that the exclusivity will hurt the Lumia 920 comes directly from a market share perspective. Perhaps we should think about it this way, AT&T moved the Lumia 900 in good numbers, they had faith in the product and delivered a great launch and they continue to show interest. From where I’m standing, AT&T earned that exclusivity.

Further more, the iPhone had shown for years, if someone wants a phone bad enough, they WILL switch. We’ve all had conversations with the “I love my iphone but I hate AT&T” guy. That is a real thing. Pound for pound, the Lumia 920 and Windows 8 has got the iPhone 5 beat, I have no reason to believe people wont switch if they really want the phone.

Besides, HTC has the rest of the market covered with the 8X. The Lumia 920 will be just fine.