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Dolphin Browser HD 5.0 ditches beta tag and in-app ads

Dolphin Browser HD, one of the most popular third-party web browser for Android just got updated to version 5.0. Three betas for Dolphin Browser HD 5.0 were released and those, who have been beta testing very well know that this version has a lot of new stuffs which includes a new UI, speed dial and more. But the feature which is being highlighted the most by the Dolphin Browser team is that, version 5.0 is ad-free. In earlier versions, users had to buy an add-on, Dolphin License to block the in-app ads. hurray!

Here is the full list of Features:

  • Fire new UI design

Fresh tab color; more elegant and more modern settings interface; fantastic fluorescein effect of context menu.

  • Speed dial style new tab

Access your favorite site easily, undo your previously closed tabs, tell your most visited sites history at a glance, and support to be set as homepage.

  • Powerful Bookmarks sidebar

Bookmarks, History and Most visited all listed, Quick menu to access feature settings, positions of “Add bookmark” button and search button change from top to bottom.

  • More functional bookmarks feature

Bookmarks subfolder supported; import bookmarks directly from Dolphin Browser (original) and stock browser without using Bookmarks to SD.

  • Updated themes and Add-ons

Speed Dial, Alexa Rank, Shiny Shake , Screen cut, Dolphin Read Later, Read it Later, and Morning Coffee all get updated in this final release. Bugs in these add-ons are all solved in Dolphin HD v5.0. In the meanwhile, Blue, Purple, Orange and Red themes are also updated in Android Market.

  • 16 languages supported

Excepted the previous 14 languages: Japanese, Korean, Danish, Spanish Portuguese, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, French, Czech, Polish, Simplified Chinese, French, we add 2 more languages in Dolphin Browser HD v5.0: Dutch & Greek.

  • Faster and more stable performance

Both launching speed and browsing speed get updated. Setup wizard is omitted when first installing Dolphin Browser HD. Also, most bugs in beta versions are fixed in final release.

Head over to the Android Marketplace for downloading.

Source: Dolphin Browser Blog