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Don’t Be an XP Forced Reboot Victim

Let’s take a break from the phones for a minute. You know what drives me effing nuts? When I set up a long battery test to run overnight (one of the only reasons I still have Windows, the testing software and support for four monitors), an important one as the tests take a long time and each time I test I age the battery slightly, gotta mail them back to whoever lent them to me, then I wake up the next day to go find out whether the battery company is lying or not and if so by how much only to find that Microsoft gave me a courtesy forced reboot because they sent out a critical patch to clean up their messy software and wanted to be on the safe side for me and make some executive decisions.

Well thanks a lot Microsoft, you sons of .. Anyway, I know some of you cell phone people also own a computer and to those of you who didn’t jump on the Vista and 7 bandwagon yet (or Linux or Mac for Chrome for that matter), here’s a handy protip from Jon Galloway I found on how to disable XP Pro (maybe regular XP too, not sure) from doing this to you:

  • Start > Run > gpedit.msc > [enter]
  • Expand Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Update
  • Double click “No auto-restart for scheduled Atomatic Updates installations” > select Enabled > OK

Doesn’t seem to happen on my Linux server oddly. If you’ve got any other tips, let me know in the comments. Or how about a good old fashioned swap file size debate?

Doug Simmons

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