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S2U2 2.33 Hotfix

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If you have already switched to the latest version of S2U2, you might have faced some issues with this release.  A_C has just released a hotfix to fix a couple of issues user reported on xda. To be on the safer side, you should apply this fix as well.  

In order to apply this fix, follow these steps:

  1. Stop iLock2 (run iLock2 the).
  2. Connect the device to your PC.
  3. Browse to the S2U2’s installation folder on your device. For example, Program FilesS2U2).
  4. Overwrite the installed EXE files with the extracted files from this archive.
  5. Disconnect the device.
  6. Start iLock2.

And now you have latest version of S2U2 with no bugs anyone knows of :-).

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