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dragnstore Launches Popular Data Backup App on Android

Hmm, I never heard of dragnstore, but if it can help me keep my data safe then I‘m all for it. The best part is that it’s free for anyone to use to keep their data safe. It was very popular on the iPhone and now us Android users can have the same protection.


-(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following the impressive success of their namesake app for iPhone, dragnstore this week makes its data backup services available to Android users by launching the dragnstore Android mobile app. Through the latest cloud technology, dragnstore uploads and stores your mobile content in moments, which you can access again anytime and anywhere by simply accessing the dragnstore website. Already available on iPhone and iPod Touch and coming soon to other platforms like Windows and Blackberry, the dragnstore app provides full back up of mobile contacts, calendars and photos, with the ability to restore all content in one click.

‘In a world where more and more people own more than one mobile device, being able to protect your data efficiently, regardless of the phone’s operating platform, becomes essential’ says Anthony King, owner of dragnstore. ‘Existing cloud services such as iCloud do not allow you to back up your personal iPhone and work Android phone in the same place. The Dragnstore app, soon available on all other operating platforms, offers a quick and easy way to back up and restore your mobile content across multiple operating platforms’.

The multi-device capability of the dragnstore app, now enhanced by its availability to Android devices, ensures that all your mobile data is safe and secure in all circumstances, whether you simply decide to upgrade your phone or, more seriously, if your device is damaged or stolen. With longstanding, reputable experience in data protection, dragnstore guarantees that all your data is safe and treated with utmost confidentiality in conformity with the requirement of UK law.

Download the Free Android dragnstore app now: