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Dragontrail looks to take on Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass has made a big statement this year in the Mobile Device Market as well as Tablets and it seemed that they could continue to roll along uncontested for at least a little while, but it looks like 2011 will be their last year of being the only game in town. Japan’s Asahi Glass, the makers of “Dragontrail” Glass  have announced that they are looking to break into the consumer electronics market and capture as much as 30% in 2012.

We are pretty impressed with Gorilla Glass especially in the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone Device that our own Danny Lam abused with everything he could get his hands on and still came out unscratched.  From the video below, it looks like Dragontrail has got some toughness to it but we are going to reserve final judgment until I can get one in Danny’s hands and let him beat the crap out of it!

The Dragontrail is already been seen in the Sony Bravia  TV’s that were released earlier this month, so maybe we could expect to see some Dragontrail goodness coming our way via a Sony XPERIA Device in 2012? Who knows for sure, but we’ll keep you posted.

via: intomobile

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