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Dreadnoughts Defense Brings Steampunk Inspired Tower Defense To The Skies

A pretty solid title is live in Marketplace for Windows Phones. It’s Dreadnoughts Defense and comes with slick graphics and even a full storyline to keep you in it . Check it out:

Dreadnoughts Defense from Ghost Engine Games on Vimeo.

And let’s do some official description action:

Dreadnoughts Defense takes the Tower Defense genre to the skies with Steampunk inspired airship combat. The menacing Dreadnought fleet has risen from the ashes of their own demise to destroy all remaining inhabitants of Eversky. You command the Zeph Fleet to defend the remaining Skyholds, and preserve a future for your people.

  • Unveil the history of the Dreadnoughts Universe through a 15 stage campaign.
  • Captivating artwork and musical score bring Eversky to life!
  • Master the strategy of 4 standard airships and 2 advanced airships in order to succeed.
  • Wield the Skyhold Defense Cannon to provide support to your fleet.
  • Battle 5 unique enemy Dreadnought ships including the stealth Stormbringer and the Dreadnought Flagship itself.
  • Deploy the Oil Derrick to harvest oil for advanced ships, as well as reveal stealth Dreadnoughts.
  • Test your skills as a commander in survivor mode.
  • Unlock 12 unique and challenging achievements.
  • So far nothing but 5 star reviews. It’s $2 but there’s a free trial as expected. Check it out here.