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DROID Incredible Getting Official OTA Update Tomorrow

Laundry list of the changes from the support pdf:

Here is the list of things that are included in the new update.
+ Improved Web browsing with pre-installed Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1
for Android.
+ Support for 720p video recording.
+ Transfer data faster with 801.11n Wi-Fi capabilities.
+ Easily switch between the eight most recent applications.
+ Enhanced browser performance for faster loading of
JavaScript heavy pages.
+ A screen that works for you and your apps.
 With Android 2.2, you can rotate your screen 270 degrees—either
to the left or to the right when moving from portrait to landscape
mode—to work with apps in more directions.
+ A new Mail Stream widget increases ease of use.
+ Text Message Widget.
 The new text message widget offers fast access to your messages
from the home screen with a quick swipe. Scroll up and down
through the list of all your text conversations in one screen. Keep
the conversation going, faster.
+ Automatic app updates.
 Always have the latest versions of the applications you’ve
downloaded with automatically updated Android Market™ apps.
And you can choose to store applications in your device’s memory
or on a storage card for more capacity.


+ Updated software changes provide improved security.

+ Improved battery life.

+ Manage Contacts more efficiently with updated contact details.

+ Instantly know the strength of your signal with improved

signal display.

+ Connect to Visual Voicemail when Wi-Fi is enabled.

+ Easily move between Today view and Agenda view in the

Calendar application.

+ Additional support for Backup AssistantSM PIN retrieval for new accounts.

+ Play Visual Voicemail messages through speakers when connected

to Bluetooth® car kit.

+ Keep track of music with organized Music Player application.

+ Updated People application to accommodate contacts with

Facebook accounts.

+ Access Corporate Directory information on Microsoft® Exchange.

+ Save new contacts with “Save to People” option for Visual Voicemail.

+ Call a number back immediately from text messages.

+ Improved CityID application.

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