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Droid Pictures

Verizon was kind enough to hook me up with the Droid for review, so I figured I’d share some of  the pictures with you. I guess you could consider this a pictorial unboxing. I haven’t turned it on yet, it just arrived via UPS a few hours ago, I need to take all of my pictures etc first of course. Since I haven’t turned it on I don’t have any impressions for you yet, but from what I’ve heard it’s a great phone. I can tell you it feels nicely made, it’s heavy, it feels heavier than my Tilt, even though it’s much thinner. So continue on for a whole lot of pictures..

Here’s the box and the contents I got:

The charger is similar to others I’ve seen, it has a standard USB port on it, so I’m sure it can be used with other devices as well.

It’s hard to take pictures of a glossy screen, but I did my best:

On the bottom of the display you’ll find some little icons, and at the top you’ll find the ear piece along with the Motorola Logo.

There’s not much on the side of the Droid. On the top is the power button and the headphone jack, the left side has the USB port and the right side has the volume buttons and the camera button.

On the back of the Droid you’ll find the 5mp camera with flash, and the battery cover of course.

Once you take the battery cover off you’ll find the battery as you might expect, but you’ll also see the microSD slot above it:

Here’s a few pictures of the Droid open revealing the keyboard:

It’s a QWERTY keyboard, but for the numbers and characters you’ll need to press a special button, it works but it’s not the best way to do it… Off to the right of the keyboard is the directional pad and select button