Whenever I use Panglozz’s sales estimates y’all get agitated, rejecting its veracity (because they’re not flattering enough to your mobility ego maybe), then we go back and forth on it with you eventually saying Well let’s just wait for the numbers from Microsoft (yeah okay, youdothat).

Well if it’s of any worth Verizon recently announced iPhone sales data, Panglozz friggin’ nailed it, gave me a heads up, so if you’re in the mood tear apart his latest figures on everything and admit that maybe this guy does in fact know what time it is and that the rest of his numbers, not just his iPhone data, just might indeed reflect reality better than anything you’ve seen. In his own words:

Doug, you may remember I was scraping the “Chitika” ATT-Verizon iPhone share
web counter. See the Chitika tab on
the spreadsheet.

I did this because using guestimated values for active ATT phones, I
could back calculate the Verizon sales.

Anyway, my 3/31/11 total Verizon sale estimate was: 2,215,769
Verizon later announced they had sold 2.2 million iPhones in the quarter.

So, the Chitika scrape absolutely nailed the sales number.

Going forward: the Verizon estimate for the first 26 days of April is
631,666 VZ iPhones sold, or averaging 25,000 per day.

Since these numbers seem to be able to move the price of Apple stock
by Billions, you might have some nice biz intelligence in the scrape.

Panglozz thanks for keeping this thing running. Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone here in spite of the almost even concentration of Android devices in our logs so I need all the ammunition I can get. In exchange, her:

If you’d like to cross examine him, do it here.

Doug Simmons


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  2. @Doug Simmons, can you explain, for the less brilliant among us, how many WP7 devices have been sold to date according to this spreadsheet?

  3. how would that math work with a phone thats only available on one carrier? how are you “guestimating” AT&T “active” phones?

  4. I can see the logic – facebook monthly and daily users certainly should represent a more or less constant proportion of total platform users, at least in the short term. What exactly that proportion is though? On the one hand, since Facebook is built in, usage should be higher than on Android or iPhone. On the other hand, many Android phones also have Facebook built in. And finally, if you use Windows Live Messenger, you don’t need to submit your FB credentials to your Windows Phone to get Facebook access as far as I understand. That’ll be reported as another application. How do all these factors work together I don’t understand.

  5. i have to say i find your articles (this one and the one w/ the female photographers) quite pleasantly distracting… so what are we talking about here?

  6. im curious how many page views the female photographer article is still getting…. damn, thats all i can say

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