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Must… Have… WP7 Sales Figures!

imageAs Microsoft has remained tight-lipped about sales of WP7 sales and as people need flame war ammunition, we’re seeing some innovation in the pursuit of that information. I have no idea who cooked this up (I’m guessing it’s someone who’s both very smart and has a ton of Adderall), (update yes I do, Pan Glozz) but here’s a spreadsheet breaking down how many, or what portion relative to the other platforms rather, WP7 devices accessed Facebook relative to the other major platforms entitled Estimate of WP7 sales through scraping Facebook App active user data: Windows Phone 7 uptake measured by Facebook volume. Nice long hyperlink this time because it’s worth a read or at least a glance.

For those of you not interested in being impressed by this guy’s advanced use of Google Docs and just want the figures, (spoiler alert – really, do check out the spreadsheet, challenge yourself), WP7 devices account for about 1.5% of the sales volume pie also eaten up by Androids, imageiPhones and Blackberries; WP7 devices have an installed base of less than a half a percent and its adoption rate has been definitively decelerating. Even our server logs, and this is a disturbingly Windows-heavy site, affirm that flattening. But it’s still a positive rate, so there’s that.

There’s a lot more data than that, about a hundred lines’ worth. For example, iPhones, if I’m reading this right, dethroned Android in sales however that is leveling back to parity. Damnit. More Blackberries out there still than Android? Well I won’t dwell on Android, back to WP7 devices which are outnumbered three to one by Windows Mobile 6.5 devices.

imageI don’t know about you but maybe you’re thinking “Well people who get X or Y are much more inclined to [whatever]” or perhaps “Will this jerk ever stop ripping on Windows” or “At least WP7 isn’t completely fragmented with a horrible app market and UI” but hey man, if you know of a better source of comparative sales stats than what this person is maintaining, something somehow less biased, do tell. Also tell me if I didn’t interpret these figures right so I can look less stupid and if anyone can figure out the name of whoever’s done and is continuing to do this, please share. By the way, I don’t mean any disrespect here but Chikita, one of these ad networks I think, is seeing about twice as many Windows 98 hits as WP7 ad pulls. Just throwing that out there.

Doug Simmons