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Duh, it’s the colors dummy!

Just read an article on commenting on the fact that the $499 Surface w/o Touch Cover is already on delayed 3 week ship, even though pre-orders only went on sale Wednesday.

They go on to say:

Oddly enough, if you choose to buy the same model with a bundled keyboard Touch Cover (the one whose ease of use came as “a pleasant surprise” to our own Wilson Rothman), you can still get it on the original ship date of Oct. 26. 

Well, duh. I guess you didn’t notice the; graffiti ads, videos, pre-launch announcements, stock photos, etc. all showing that “pleasantly surprising” touch cover in five colors (assuming black and white are considered colors). Who wants a black covered $599 Surface when they can get a Red, Cyan, Magenta or White covered Surface for $619.98. Not me, or apparently most others. Anybody order a Surface without a Touch Cover?

It would really be nice if occasionally people reporting on a product actually took the trouble to know a little something about it. But what am I thinking. That would make sense.

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