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EA admits loot boxes may never come back to Battlefront 2. Still don’t buy it!

Seems EA is feeling the burn. According to a recent Rolling Stone interview, Blake Jorgensen, EA CFO, stated that micro-transactions may or may not be coming back to the game at all. Many have speculated as to when the company will turn these transactions back on, but I’m betting it won’t happen.

Many have postulated that the removal was due to the Reddit backlash, which is probably true. Poor game sales have probably been a driving factor of keeping the micro-transactions tabled until player count has climbed to a significant level to make the damn things even worth returning to the game. The other under the table hand holding the keys to the loot box fiasco might be Disney.

Disney are masters of marketing and merchandise. You can’t go to a fast food joint without seeing the latest Disney animated Pixar whatever that they’re shoving out. I guess more recently it’s been rehashes of classic children’s cartoons into live action travesty, being they’ve run out of public domain stories to repackage and sell. Disney recently paid a metric ass load for the Star Wars franchise rights. The last thing these PR aficionados want is someone sullying their 4-billion-dollar purchase with bad press. That’s exactly what EA had done.

After the total farce that was the first relaunch of the Battlefront franchise, I believe Disney said no mas. Disney ultimately owns all rights to Lucas film’s intellectual property, meaning if EA wants to put out anything Star Wars, they’re paying Disney. Disney may not be so inclined to let one of the most hated companies in the world, a trophy they’ve won almost as much as Jordan won NBA championships, use their 4-billion-dollar investment. Just to make sure you know what that number looks like that’s 4,000,000,000$. That’s more than half the number of people in the world.  With EA starting dumpster fires with their most recent possession, in the dead middle of a trilogy of movies cycle, I believe Disney is pulling EA’s strings.

What we haven’t done yet is win the war. This battle is coming to a close, one that might cause us to never see another Battlefront game in our lifetimes. This saddens me deeply, as my memories of the old Battlefront are near and dear to me. The one small hope I do still hold is that this wakes up the gaming industry to a line that gamers, as a whole, refuse to allow them to cross. Even with loot boxes turned off in the game currently, their threat to return is why I still refuse to buy or endorse anyone to buy this game. Putting to pasture a loved franchise is a relatively small price to pay for sending this big a middle finger to Electronic Arts. Battlefront may only be the beginning, and many games from the likes of EA and others are likely to try to tie loot boxes with game changing items that not only unfairly benefit those with deeper wallets, but also continually adjust in game drop rates to “encourage” players to fork over money to get that elusive item.

No time for engaging questions. The time for a collective chant of holiday spirit is now;

Fuck EA the wrong way with a Christmas tree!