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Educators Across the US Adopt Windows 8 to Help Make Students College-Ready and Career-Ready

March 27, 2013

K–12 schools, higher-education institutions cite post-graduation preparedness, manageability and cost-saving benefits as they deploy the new Windows.

REDMOND, Wash. — March 27, 2013 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that 10 K–12 school districts and higher-education institutions have signed on to use Windows 8 for more than 540,000 students and faculty to prepare students for futures in college and careers. Microsoft’s expanding community of Windows 8 education adopters now includes Apollo Group, Atlanta Public Schools, Barry University, Fargo Public Schools, Fresno Unified School District, Jackson-Madison County School System, Pace University, San Antonio Independent School District, Thomas College and Tuckahoe Common School District.

“Microsoft recognizes that in order to be prepared for future success in today’s competitive global economy, students must have technology skills employers demand, plus relevant, 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, communication and collaborations abilities, problem-solving, and greater awareness of the global community,” said Margo Day, vice president of U.S. Education, Microsoft. “Windows 8 is helping schools modernize learning by supporting new education standards, online assessments and the move to digital learning by providing a powerful platform where content can be easily consumed and created, and a connection to the cloud where collaboration opportunities can be reimagined.”

You can find the complete article here.

I see lots of 20-30 year olds entering the job market totally unprepared because they have played with computers, but have no idea how to actually use one as a part of their job. Just like math and science, learning Windows should be part of the curriculum. You can deny it all you want but the World runs on Microsoft.