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Elbert Pérez Releases Microchip Rush For WP7

imageEvery game that Elbert Perez has released has climbed to the top of the charts and his latest free offering for Windows Phones is called Microchip Rush. By the way, he’s now made enough off of his games that he’s a full time Indie developer. Anyway this is a take on a matching game. Just check out the video:

Here is his description of it:

Microchip Rush is my own take on the minesweeper + match 3 genre + action genre. Combining fast paced tapping with careful navigation of a dangerous mine field. Chain together different chip types to gain bonus points, and get chip poppers that let you clear dangerous mines from the game board. There is never a dull moment playing this combination of gameplay.

Game Description:

The microchips need to be delivered fast! As the manager of the largest microchip production facility your task is to teleport as many chips as possible. However production errors manifest themselves as mines that can end your career as a shipping manager.

– Use strategy and speed to deliver the most chips as possible
– Score the highest score possible to be able to brag around the world that you are the greatest Microchip production facility manager

Anyway, it’s free, from a top rated developer and if history has anything to say about it, you’ll love the game so give it a go.