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Enjoy some Windows Phone Metro on your iPhone!

Let me say first off that you will have to Jailbreak your iPhone obviously because there is no way Apple would approve this for the iPhone! But as Microsoft continues to sweep across the world challenging other devices like the iPhone and beating them in an obscene fashion, you can now enjoy a little Metro, that’s the UI Windows Phone uses, right on your iPhone. It is all due to the Jailbreak community that has just recently solved what seemed to be the unsolvable problem of untethered jailbreaking the latest iPhone 4S. For those of you new to Jailbreaking or even the iPhone, untethered simply means it is a permanent jailbreak solution and does not require you you to hook your device back up to iTunes should you need to reboot.

Once Jailbroken, you have the world of Cydia at your fingertips and all of the unauthorized Apple Apps at your disposal to load on your iPhone. one of the most popular things to do is change the look of your iPhone with customer themes which contain new icons, fonts, boot animations, and a variety of other tweaks. There are hundreds if not thousands to choose from. Now you can add the great looking Metro UI to your collection!

Cydia creator Jay Freeman developed the original Winterboard app that allows you to take advantage of these custom themes but there is a new kid on the block that has just releases Dreamboard. One such theme is OS7 by Andrew Lui which is a free theme that runs on Dreamboard. The likeness to Metro is remarkable and there are several other themes available with various degrees of functionality and colors to choose from. Some of these themes do require a purchase and others require some additional plug ins to work, but why not dare to be different and infuriate your Windows Phone buddies who would consider this sacrilege! you might also be careful because there are  lot of iPhone purists that might think the same think.

Head on over to Cydia for all of your options to hack your iPhone.


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