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Epic Gladiator for Free on iPod Touch and iPhone

Another free game for you today! I wonder how many more I can find…

While those who the crave the gladiatorial thrill of battling across the Roman Empire may be a few thousand years too late to experience it first-hand, they can now enjoy the next best thing – and not have to worry about literally being cut apart by foe or beast — thanks to the fun, exciting, challenging and super addictive new iPhone and iPad app Epic Gladiator.

Designed by Funverse and available as a free game download, Epic Gladiator transforms gamers into gladiatorial managers whose ambitious task is to amass an army of slaves and unleash a lethal fighting force that has the courage, strength and intelligence to seize the laurel crown at the Roman Colosseum. In pursuit of that goal, gamers must travel from city to city, equip and improve their army along the way, and vanquish challengers who also have their eye on the ultimate prize.

“With the rich and robust combat system, over 30 stunning gladiator portraits, more than 500 unique equipment items to choose from, and the ability to challenge Game Center friends online, Epic Gladiator has been designed as more than just a game,” commented a developer at Funverse. “It’s a memorable, immersive experience that really captures the imagination and transports gamers – or rather, gladiators — of all ages to another world.”

Thousands of iPhone and iPod touch owners have already downloaded and experienced Epic Gladiator. The free app, which currently enjoys over 300 reviews and an impressive average rating of four stars, is available at

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