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AT&T Goodness Rolls On With Upcoming Ads Tilt II, Pure, & Garmin!

We have got some more AT&T Goodness to drop on you from our own tipsters! We know the pricing for the Tilt II and Pure and the release date being pushed back on the Tilt II while AT&T works on the bloat……..I mean bugs in WinMo 6.5. So now we got the AT&T Ads for the Tilt II, Pure, and for good measure the Garmin Nuvifone G60! So check out the Ads:

Oops, the watermarks are a little crooked, but hey, I didn’t forget them this time! 🙂

Thanks to our tipster for keeping us sane while we wait for AT&T to release their goodness upon us! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for Tilt II sightings in the wild, send them to us to share with the community!